I just need 4 more!!!   Need four more motivated ppl on my team and we can start making big bucks from home.  I love this company and the team, and WOW I love the PRODUCTS!!!  

Get started for under $50, with products to share, a website to advertise with and all the training and support you can ask for! 

Join by FEB.14th and receive a special gift direct from me!   You will receive an additional: catalog, a few scent samples to share with your family/friends, brochures, and my roadmap to success.

Do not let this pass you by. Please visit my personal site HERE

View our comp plan

START today!!

If you have questions about the business or the products please feel free to contact me anytime.

michelle@stayhomewithcandles.com    719-248-3004


Looking forward to a successful year.. for you and me!



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