NO NO NO NO NO NO. I can't say it enough times. I HATE football and the Stupid Bowl is no exception. My son and husband will be watching it in the living room while I am on the opposite side of the apartment in our bedroom scrapbooking and getting some cross stitching done. I bought them a giant cookie and a whole bunch of snacks so they could watch the game.

In my opinion, football is a waste of time and television. Here is what I see going on when I attempt to watch a game...a player catches the ball, they run 3 feet or so, drop it, and have to start all over again. While they are in between dropping the ball and starting all over again, there is what seems to be a good 45 minute to an hour time out. Now, if they planned things a little better, in my opinion anyway, they wouldn't have to have such long time outs. I am just so thankful that there is no more Monday Night Football to ruin television.

Plus, seeing as how my birthday is at the end of January, every few years or so the Stupid Bowl falls on my birthday. One year, my friends threw me a surprise birthday party and they all left early to go home and watch the Stupid Bowl. So the rule in my house is that if the Stupid Bowl ever falls on my birthday, hubby will have to wait until the next day to see who won because he's sure as heck not watching it that night!

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