The Christmas trees are down. The new year is here. We are now entering February and Summer, for those in Erie, is not near. I start to feel trapped in February and March. It feels as if the gray skies and naked trees start to surround me and weigh me down. I miss the blue skies and all the new life that summer brings. The beauty of the color green warms me as much as the yellow sun of summer. I adore the feeling of my bare feet on the soft grass, it pokes between my toes and cradles my heels. Waiting for the sun to break through the darkness of winter and waiting for the sun to warm my skin once again is hard. Its almost like a child on Christmas night awaiting those gifts, or a bride the night before her wedding, full of excitement and anticipation. Even the smell of the summer is different then now. Fresh, clean, new! I want to take a deep breath from my toes to my head and suck up in all that summer goodness and then release it back to the earth.  So summer please come I need you here with me.

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Feb. 7, 2008 at 9:43 AM

I love the spring and the fall the most.  I love the renewal of spring and the promise of renewal to come of fall.

My favorite line is "it pokes between my toes and cradles my heels".

 Summer will come, mama ... just hang in there! 

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