I now no one wants toi listen to me,but im going to either scream or cry i dont know which one,i'll probably end up doing both and really get someone mad at me.. Why me? Anyways---------- You know im so tired of my darn kids comming over to my house and then even my 16 year old ganging up on me... Im stupid I'll tell ya, I say one thing and they will argue that im wrong then  call me Bill the Science guy cause I seem to know it  all. Its stupid things we argue about and yes they do end up being wrong but not a one of them says , Ya know I didnt know that I thought.... They r inconsiderate selfish and ohhh I want to sceam... I sit in my house day after day, not being able to go anywhere due to I wrecked my car in Nov. and not a sole calls me up and asks me if I need to go anywhere or hey how ya doing or anything... WHY??????Oh God being out of medicne sucks!!!! Ive got bipolar, knees that need to be replaced, RLS, a stomach that I about killed to an OD of IB what next? I know thats why my kids dont come over.... I dont know  YOU know they d probably all say we were busy, we had to work, Well why in the ---- couldnt they call and see if I needed anything, or if I needed to go anywhere. And oh the good one I hate listening to all the time and comes out of my sons mouth and theres not a darn thing I can do, except let hit make me feel like ---- is , Your going to die , old cold and alone, thats why none of your kids come and see you...and when I turn 17 im out of here.. Oh and he wants me to buy him a new bed cause his legs hang off his hes too tall. He wants me to go to Aarons and get him a leather sleigh bed, I told him why would I do that when hes so close to being 17 and moving out why do I need to get stuck with a bill like that? Answer: Cause I owe him!! I dont want to listen to it!!!!!Well im sorry for having to lay this on yall but I had to get it out... And do I feel better ,NO_______ Im just so tired of all this. And my sons right... Im going to be alone. I cant work, Im waiting for my disability to come in , and the place wont couperate that needs to give them my records so probably Tues they will put it on the back burner due to not enough info. SS told me thats what they were going to do.... And We live offmy sons SS from when his dad died in 2002 never a spare dime Ill tell you.. And if he moves out ha---- ME No home, nothing, I cant live in a mobile home for free... So what do I do on that note? Yea ok!!!! OH Gee and we aLL  wonder why I feel like ---- Thanx, Im tired of complaining for now... I got to get my grandson up...


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Feb. 3, 2008 at 11:05 AM

your grandson, who's kid is that?  they should be taking care of their own babies!  obviously they must be the stupid ones if they can't take care of their own kids. 


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