Early in the week I posted about the two children being killed when an early morning fire swept through their house and also claimed 4 other buildings.  Well yesterday the community filled the church to say their fianl goodbyes to Victor 5 and Adurey 3 (her birthday was the day before the fire) it was a very sad but at the same time joyous occassion I am sure you are all wondering how the funeral of two small children could be considered joyous well Mike and Angie the parents of these wonderful angels asked that no one in the community send flowers but that each person attending bring a new or barely used stuffed animal to display for the time of the service and afterwards the stuffed animals would be taken by the funeral director to the local Children's Hospital and handed out to all the patients.  Well as of the end of the funeral there were more then 500 stuffed animals which will be delivered later this week.  When asked why they choose to due this instead of flowers Mike and Angie stated even though we lost our childern to this tragedy we feel some good can come to those who need it and we know that Victor and Adurey will shine on these toys  and touch them with their love. Victor and Adurey will never be forgotten and will always have a special place in the Ashaland Pa. community.

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