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I just started a new group called Unforgotten Mothers. It's a personal group for me and I am so sincere about it. I have found that many mothers don't have the support that I have had and would like to provide that for others!


About Unforgotten Mothers

This group is for mothers who are looking for the roadmap to success. Whether it is your home or public life, it makes no difference. You want to plan for the future, retire and live comfortably, provide your children with important values that will help them attain and maintain a successful future. The problem is that you don't know how to get there or you have been overlooked...lack of people like yourself on the college campus, the work place, family members or single friends who don't understand what you're trying to do, tons of resources and information for teenage mothers and nothing for the rest of us!
What is your "American Dream"? Here we will uncover or reiterate values and set goals that will help us on our way to success. We will exchange ideas and resources that will help one another on this path to success. Most importantly, we will raise the bar of expectations for ourselves and those close to us!

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