We're a small (but growing!!!) new social network for Moms of all ages. Since I want this to succeed BIG time, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Starting today (2/3/08), I am offering a contest to the members of this network:

Whomever invites and gets the most NEW members to join between 2/3/08 and 11:59pm 2/29/08 will receive $100 in cold hard cash (well, a money order or paypal transfer - your choice).
Here's how it works: invite your Mom friends from wherever (they don't have to be Moms you know on the internet, but they'll have to HAVE the internet to join, LOL!) to http://mommyscafe.ning.com - they sign up, send me an email (either here or to rachaels.kitchen@gmail.com), and tell me YOUR Mommy's Cafe ID, and tell me that you invited them. If you have the most members who joined AND are still members on 2/29/08 at 11:59pm, you win the $100.
As an added bonus - $100 if you invite and get to join up to the first 25 people. If you get MORE, I'll throw in an added bonus of $5 per person up to 10 more people. If you get more than 35 people to join (and stay joined!!!!) I'll throw in another $50.
And one MORE bonus - if you start a group, and it's a good, strong ACTIVE group, I'll throw in ANOTHER $50.
Oh, and ONE MORE bonus, if the people you invite are strong, ACTIVE members, I'll throw in ANOTHER $50!
The grand total pot available is up to $300 - one or more people are eligible to win! If you don't get the most people, but the people you invite are the most active, you could win at least $50! If you don't get the most people to join, but you build a solid, active group, you could win $50!

Winner(s) will be chosen no later than 3/8/08 11:59pm - I will post the winner(s) here and also email you at your Mommy's Cafe account.

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