Im getting my first tatto in a week or so. Im really nervus. Im getting it on my lower back. I was thinking about the pain and I was wondering if their is anyone out their thet has a tatto on their lower back also and a couple other tattos in other places. Im basicly trying to find out if the lower back is a really painfull place to get a tatto or not. Can anyone help me?


P.S.  Im getting a fairy huvering over a habiscus flower if u are wondering. It is going to be gorgus.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 11:30 AM I have a couple tattoos, the lower back is a really sensitive area. Also anywhere there is a bone hurts too. I've tried to get tattoed in my fleshier areas. I have one tattoo that really hurt because of the size and detail and shading but after it was done it was so beautiful it didn't matter. The more detail the more pain -the more colors the more uncomfortable it will be. Good luck! It'll be worth it.

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