Finally I can mark one off my list! I sat down Thursday night and made a list of all the things I have going around in my head of "to do" items. Unfortunately my preggo brain is just happy to go from one moment to the next but my life is suffering because I get frustrated that there are so many things to do and I don't have a plan to get them done so weeks just keep passing.

One of my NY resolutions was to set up a financial budget for 2008. Well January went like crap financially...We bought a new car and used all our savings to put a good down payment down. Then my husband really wanted a TV for his birthday and we used the rest of our cash to buy that. UGH! We're broke again. I should not have let my husband control our financial spending in January because he bounced three bills one day before my paycheck cleared. He didn't think they would clear before my paycheck. Wrong. Savings spent. Extra cash spent. Fees added to checking account. Now rent is only made by a couple of bucks. (crosses fingers)

So yesterday I made him go with me to H&R Block to file our taxes and our return is much smaller then I expected. But atleast it's a return and a start. Then we started a spreadsheet of our bills for February and a plan to balance weekly so he doesn't lose track of how much money is available when paying our bills. Finally we created a spreadsheet of a savings plan for 08', moving plan for 08' and a plan to pay off some of my credit to increase my credit score to buy a house next year (this part didn't go as well as I had hoped). The plans are done. Looks good on paper but lets hope we can make it work in reality. I feel accomplished.

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