I was so exited that my oldest child was coming for a visit. I had not seen her since last August. We had a nice time the first few days. I have been a single parent all of her life. I did the best I could in raising her and her sister. I took good care of them. I wasn't a drug addict. I always put them first. Never chose a man over them. Never abused them. I made sure they had food, clothes, a home. Went to school functions. She is in college and working. Very independent. I am so proud of her. Today, she basicly told me that I was a bad parent and she thinks I am being a bad parent to her sister. She thinks at 14, my youngest is old enough to date and have casual sex. I'm supposed to turn my eyes away and let her live her life void of parenting. I think my oldest is crazy. I'm going to tell her if she thinks she can do a better job, then have her own children. Don't tell me how to raise mine. I think she broke my heart. I'll be glad when she goes back home.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 12:01 PM wow.. that was really mean.

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