Okay - this is a hard one and I am so stressed about the whole thing it is killing me...

As some of you know I found out my daycare will be closing.  They are not closing until May but it leaves 280 parents without childcare so it is kind of a race to see who can fill the other daycares first.  I started looking immediately when I found out and this is the short version of the story followed by my current conundrum.

Day One: I looked at the first, not real promising.  There was no security system at the front door, no one greeted me until after I walked past the desk in the lobby that included an entire list of the childrens names that were currently there and went into a classroom to find someone.  Then when I met the director she took me in the 4yo room and introduced the teacher who was sitting at a desk in front of the class, no interaction with the kids, and wouldn't make eye contact.  The only peep I heard in there was one little boy who whined out "I wanna go home".  Yeah me too kid!  The next daycare was another of the same chain I use now but is completely on the other side of town and makes my daily  commute from home to work 4x's longer.  I signed up for transfer anyway just in case.  Then I found my dream daycare at the next one I visited, only to discover that there is an extensive waiting list and the cost once I got in was double what I currently pay.  If I sold my house and moved into a studio apartment, then maybe...

Day Two: I find one, close by.  Not as spectacular as the one we currently use but I am beginning to realize I am one lucky cookie for what we have had the past 3.5 years.  This place gave me a good vibe, not filthy, kids seem happy, like the cirriculum, etc.  I am planning to take Turk back for a visit Tuesday to see if he has a feel for it and see more of what the teachers do in group time.  Good - right?

Well this is the funky part... The day I first found out about the daycare closing I posted a note on a yahoo group asking for recommendations.  There was one lady, the group owner that sent a message to me with some but also mentioned that she was looking to start an in home daycare.  She had a lot of experience that she listed off, sounded like an option worth persuing.  So I sent her a list of questions... "Are you licensed?  How many kids are you looking to keep? What hours will you be available? Rate?" etc.  So no response for over a week.  I thought my questions had made her change her mind.  Then out of the blue she emailed me to see how the hunt was going.... MInd you I don't know her from a spot on the concrete... and I replied and told her about the one I was looking into.  She went on a rant of how horrible it was and was still trying to get me to talk to her about keeping him.  Now I am torn because I don't know if this lady is just kind of psycho or not.  She questioned the daycare's turnover rate.  I called them and they said the current 4yo teacher has been there since they opened 2 yrs. ago.  She said it was dirty -  I must have missed that room.  Apparently they had offered her a job and she went into clean before her actual hire and they didn't pay her after she quit 3 days later... I don't know.  She has emailed me 7 times yesterday morning after this.

Oh I should say, she emailed me once to see if I was related to another family that shares our last name that lives in the area.  FREAKY.. I have never told her my last name, not in emails, group posts, and my Yahoo profile has NO information on it!

I am freaking out!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 12:03 PM I think she sounds weird, and I would stay away from that one!  Our daycare also closed (Kindercare) and we were lucky enough to find a private daycare (Kindercare setting) that goes through pre-school.  It's hard to find a good one!  Keep looking, I hope you find one as wonderful as our new one!  Much better than Kindercare, and much cleaner too!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 7:28 PM BEEPBEEPBEEP! Back away from the crazy! I have a horrible time trusting anyone with my child in the first place. This lady would have me running screaming. TRUST YOUR GUT! The daycare feels good. This anonymous lady feels bad. She hasn't answered any of your questions, she's been quick to badmouth the daycare you liked, and none of what she said panned out. She obviously has no experience, since she is thinking about "starting" a daycare. Not even set up or established yet. She has somehow managed to get private information about you. CREEPY! Block her, and make a call to the cops and DCS, letting them know to keep their heads up. Maybe she isn't as bad as this all makes her seem, but when it comes to your kid, and anyone else who gets sucked in by her, better to be safe than sorry.

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 7:34 AM Yeah, I would be against letting this lady keep my babies. Unless you have a close friend or family recommendation for an at home sitter--- I would stay away from those. Stick to the daycares for now and go with your gut. Things will work out for you....even if it's at the last minute. I had a daycare situation w/ my DD a few years ago....I had a private at home sitter who was great but she raised her rates really high all of a sudden so I had to find another sitter. I started searching daycares and almost all of them had a huge waiting list. The one that I hear a lot of good things about "Bashful Giraffe" I went ahead and put her on the list so maybe in the future she could go there when they had an opening. Then I started looking at the ones who had immediate openings. The only one that was affordable I had a bad gut feeling about, but I had no choice but to sign her up. That afternoon I was so upset and scared, so I called the daycare that I really wanted "Bashful Giraffe" just to check one last time. There was a kid that was moving the next day and they said they could put my DD in that spot!!! I jumped for joy! I hope that my story gives you a little encouragement on your daycare dilema. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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