I just realized the other day when shopping that the lady behind the counter kind of eyeballed my chipping nail polish and dry hands, i just felt like a worn out mom not paying enough attention to what i am lookin' like!! It happens to the best of us, right? Who has time to shave their legs, color their hair or put together a good outfit when they have to bathe the kids, feed the husband, get veggies into yer child and all the other stuff demanded of women on a daily basis. Sometimes you have wakeup calls though, like the good looking blonde who works with your husband, or you look in the mirror and notice some flab that was not there before!! I guess it is just balance, if you start not lookin' not yer best, and i think we all know when it is slowly happening, its time to blow off that sink full of dishes for the french manicure kit or box o' color you bought at the drug store!!!!!

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