1 ~ When you walk in your front door, which room do you enter? A foyer..i don't really use it unless it's raining cause there's a porch mostly we use the side door which goes into the living room.

2 ~ Do you have a dishwasher? Yep..best invention ever!

3 ~ Is your living room carpeted or do you have hardwood floors?hardwood floors..i have 3 dogs in the house so we pulled up all the carpet and put hardwood floors throughout the house.

4 ~ Do you keep your knives on the kitchen counter or in the drawer? I have one of those knive things on the counter put i also have the rest in a drawer

5 ~ House, apartment, duplex or trailer? House...Real estate...

6 ~ How many bedrooms do you have? 3, our room..nathan's room and our junk room..hopefully baby #2's room oneday

7 ~ Gas stove or electric? Electric

8 ~ Do you have a yard? Yep sure do..we have about 3 acres and my neighbors..the inlaws also have 3 acres 

9 ~ What size T.V. do you have in your living room? Which one??  I think it's 37inch idunno youd have to ask jake

10 ~ Are your plates in the same cupboards as your cups? No.

11 ~ Is there a coffee maker sitting on your kitchen counter? Yep..we don't use it though 

12 ~ What room is your computer in?
  We have a desktop computer in the "junkroom" and two laptops

13 ~ Are there pictures hanging on your living room wall?
  oh yeah..lots..my bridal portrait..nathan's portraits..some deer antlers..

14 ~ Are there any themes found in your house?
Um i guess outdoors..nathan's room is in the jungle animals theme

15 ~ What kind of laundry detergent do you use?
 Gain or ALL free and clear for me and jake..he has allergies so i have to use the all for him..and baby detergent for nathan

16 ~ Do you use dryer sheets?  Yes

17 ~ Do you have any curtains in your house?  Yep

18 ~ What color is your fridge?  Black..and it has pics all over it too!

19 ~ Is your house clean? Sometimes. Not at the moment. --same here

20 ~ What room is the most neglected? Our room..i always worry so much about cleaning the rest of the house by time i get to ours..im too tired..one day i will clean it first!!

21 ~ Are the dishes in your sink/dishwasher clean or dirty? Umm dirty

22 ~ How long have you lived in your home? a little over 2 years for me..jake lived here before we got married with his parents..we bought their house and they built them a new one.

23 ~ Where did you live before? with my mom

24 ~ Do you have one of those fluffy toilet lid covers in your home? LOL. No. --me either

25 ~ Do you have a scale anywhere in your house? Nope..i'd rather not know

26 ~ How many mirrors are in your house?  2

27 ~ Look up, what do you see? deer antlers..ceiling fan

28 ~ Do you have a garage?  Nope

29 ~ Do you have a  basement? Nope

30 ~ Do you get along with your neighbors?  Yep. for the most part..it's my inlaws..it's just us back here..


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Feb. 6, 2008 at 11:36 PM Fluffy toilet lid covers make me giggle.

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