So i just got back from  my classmates wake and it was so sad! All of his brothers were there and his parents and his wife and his little three year old and it was all to much to handle! There was person after person from high school and it was amazing to see people come out to support this young man even if they weren't the closest of friends with him.  The casket was open and i lost it when i saw him.  He .looked like himself but bluer almost.  All I could think about was what would I do if i lost one of sisters like this? i would be devestated.  of course i felt silly crying as I do everytime i cry but he deserved the tears.  he was to young!  26 is to young! He had his whole life ahead of him and now his little boy will never know the joy of having his father beside him.  They had him dressed in his favorite hoodie and jeans not even a suit because that is what he would have wanted to wear. Wow it was crazy and I am feeling overwhelmed!

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