I am on the computer one min., then the next laying under a cat scan machine,a ekg.then sonogram of my leggs.I got hit hard with bieng able to breath the last few days before, I tryed to fight hard not to even go.I was going to open the door, and my guy said he could hear me breathing before I opened the door.I just couldn't breath, it was so horrifying.I have always got conjested with 2nd hand smoke but this built up and knocked me down hard.I would get told I said go outside and smoke cause it was to stop them from smoking or telling what to do, now they al learned hard, the damage it has down to my lungs.I could have ashma, or bronchical ashma, not sure till go back for more test next week.It was like a bag over my head, with someone trying to close the end in, today tryed to go for a walk, was fine at first then, the trying to get the breath was a major job, it really is horrifying.I take care of myself, I think worrying about my son,and worrying about moving, and other things just got me more stressed then I realized, my white blood count went down, my potassuim level was really low also and magnesum level.I have been told to eat more dk green veg, homemade soups w/ beans,soy, 9menapause,for it, and stay with my centruim vit, omega 3,s,and walk later and find a outlet for stress,and learn to say I need help.I have you guys it is a god sent, I am back to reading,dr. dryer books again,and joyce meyers,and even old dr phills,any self inprovement, I love.Amd going to start making, not sure how well, but baby blankets for babys in hospitols.I plan to go back to my church, that I let life manopolize so much, that rested on that sun.to keep up with the rest, forgot that that sun. there would get me through the rest.That inner power I can handle the obstacles life throws at you.He woke me up for the last 6 days, to open my eyes.I am feeling I may need to go back if I breath like this anymore.oh they said acid reflux also, I guess it is time for a overhaul with me.I am a fighter, a surviver, can not handle anything holding me down, and illness is one thing.I trully believe with positive thinking refusing to give up, you can conquere anything, my song all my life has been helen ready,s I am women hear me roar I have told everyone at the hospitol of cafemom and my wonderful friends, so some have been checking out the site.these nurses, and others have been the best,I was take so care of,I am sending them flowers. i could of not asked for better nurses, I hope to hear they joined, here,s to you Baltimore/washington international hospitol.on vetrains hwy.if I end up back, my son or hubby/fiancee , will put a chat down for me.thanks for caring,chat soon,as I build my stamina up and not be so exhausted god bless all of you, kat

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Feb. 11, 2008 at 7:30 AM get well soon!

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Feb. 11, 2008 at 10:35 AM I am glad your feeling better.  I have trouble with breathing sometimes also.. I can not tolerate cig. smoke.  Most of my family has quit  and I am so grateful.. the rest smoke out side.. I do not allow smoking in  my house at all.  I love the lord and I really do hope you go back to church.  It fills my soul to hear preaching and to learn in sunday school.. When you dont give time to your self .. you quickly run out of time for others. You have to love and take care of you so you can love and take care of others.. hugs and love Pat

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Feb. 11, 2008 at 11:16 PM

aww, I hope you are better REAL soon!!!! It stinks being sick, but you will get better; I can tell you are strong willed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb. 12, 2008 at 12:00 PM thank you all,It helps to know people care. god bless you all.

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