Okay, it's only been 2 years and some change since I was pregnant with Penelope, but it seems like all the things that were "new and popular" back then are now considered archaic, LOL! There are such cool new things available now that I'm ultra thankful for. Let me explain. I'm preggers with my second baby...only 6 weeks along, so what the heck is this little poochy belly showing up so early? Last pregnancy I didn't "show" until I was almost 5 months! Now here I am 6 weeks along looking the same as I did when I was 3 months along last time. I don't want to have people looking at me weird if I wear maternity clothes this early, so there had to be another solution. So, I'm SO thankful for tummy sleeves!!! Also known as "bella bands" to some. It's this cool band that you can place over your unbuttoned pre-preg jeans so that you can wear them for longer! Woohoo! Also, once the baby's born you can continue to wear it post partum when you're at that transition phase between sizes. I love these things! Too bad they cost like $17 a piece, bleh! I only bought 1 so far, I think I'll get another one in a different color. Anyway, just wanted to share my love for scientific breakthrough, LOL!!!!

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Feb. 11, 2008 at 9:57 AM grats on the pregnancy.......hehe . two years ago i had my second baby and I used to take a rubberr band and loop it through the button hole and attach it to my button to make my regular pants last longer. 

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Feb. 11, 2008 at 9:58 AM Haha! That so cute :)

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Feb. 11, 2008 at 2:27 PM

I hear the second pregnancy shows a lot faster. I was wearing maternity clothes at 8 weeks because I felt so bloated. Gap has awesome hidden panel jeans that don't even look like maternity jeans! No one believed me when I would say that they were maternity jeans.

I have a similar product called The Belly Hugger. I wish I had known about it when I was so huge towards the end of my pregnancy that only one maternity shirt covered my belly all the way. I bought mine so that when I nurse Logan I don't have to worry about my belly fat being on display. Hee hee. There is another undershirt type thing called Blush Your Topless Undershirt. They have some really great patterns. You can find it on this site http://www.mom4life.com/ go to Just 4 Moms.

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