Hello, everyone!  Sorry I've been MIA for so long.  I've been a little preoccupied.

My precious little man finally decided to join us out here.  Ronald James was born January 19 at 10:13 am.  He was 9# 11oz, 21 1/2" long. He's much bigger now!  Ronnie is the most beautiful little boy!  Even strangers have commented on how cute he is.  I'm not biased in the least ;-)

He must have heard the doctor trying to convince me to at least consider induction if I didn't have him by the 21st. (no way, Jose!)  I had just curled up to my hubby, who had worked all night, when the baby punched me really hard, or so I thought.  It was so hard that DH and I both woke up when we felt and heard it.  Yes, we actually heard a pop!  He asked what it was, and I told him the baby punched me really hard.  After a minute or so, I told him I had to roll over because it hurt too much to lay that way after that happened.  That's when I realized that the noise was my sack of waters breaking!  There was hardly any water, but when I told DH what happened, he jumped out of bed and was instantly the stereotypical nervous first time dad during labor.  He was so cute!  It was about 6:15 am.

I told him to relax.  My water broke, but I wasn't having contractions (for the first time in FOREVER) so it could be a while yet.  He needed a haircut, so I told him that I'd cut his hair, we'd shower and then see how things were progressing.  About two passes of the clippers into the haircut the contractions started.  They were really hard and about 2 minutes apart.  I could tell that DH was really tired, because he took forever in the shower, then asked if we had time for a nap.  Ummm....NO! 

We got to the hospital and went through all the nonsense, to which I kept telling DH " I told you we should've had him at home."  I never really got the initial build up to labor, I went right into the hard stuff.  It wouldn't have been bad at all if people would've just left me the heck alone so I could focus.  I remember making a mental note to figure out where to hide the nurses' bodies when this was all over.  lol  They must've been mad to have to work the weekend.  I was not amused.  Thank goodness the other nurses were wonderful.

 Anywho, the time on the bracelet was 8:45 and RJ was born at 10:13.  No drugs, no forceps or other stuff and best of all....NO EPISIOTOMY!  Yea for me!  I couldn't sit up as much as I wanted to, which made the stretching the doctor did complete and utter torture.  He actually put his hands in me to help the stretching.  Didn't care for that, but 20 minutes or so of torture versus weeks of pain while I heal seemed like a doable trade.  He was wonderful to me throughout the labor and I was thankful to have such a compassionate man for my doctor.

All in all, it was over with very quickly, which was a blessing.  We were all so happy to see our precious baby.  He is perfect!  Lots of hair and beautiful eyes, even if we can't tell what color they actually are yet.  I'l try to get a picture up later.

Another great thing that happened was that the family now understands why I wanted to have a midwife at home and will support me fully if we ever have another child.  I know there are those who hold it against me for not demanding that my wishes were met, but I did what I felt was right.  Our families were just as much a part of this birth as we were, and I wanted everyone to be comfortable and happy at the birth, not nervous or angry.  If we do opt to have another child, I will look for a midwife before we conceive.  This experience made several more people advocates for homebirth, so I consider my sacrifice worthy.

It's good that I opted not to have an unassisted childbirth this time.  I started to hemmorage after he was born.  There was a huge gush of blood that was about the size of what you would expect from the bag of waters breaking. Luckily, they got it under control before it was too serious. I'm syre a midwife could handle it, but I'd have been clueless.

Ronnie and I were both pretty sick for a bit, but now he's fat, healthy and happy and I'm getting there.  He's such a wonderful baby.  I can't get anything done because I just want to sit and hold him and look at him.  I am truly in love!

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Feb. 11, 2008 at 10:47 PM Glad to hear all is fine and Congrats!

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Feb. 11, 2008 at 11:41 PM

What a beautiful big healthy boy! Congratulations to you, Mama! That is a wonderful birth story. Thank you for sharing it!

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Feb. 12, 2008 at 3:16 PM aww well I'm glad that everything went well and you aren't waiting for him anymore!

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