i don't know about everyone else but i am so tired of everyone fighting about something that is one person's individual choice on how to raise your kids. Everyone has a right to do what they think is right for their kids. Other people shouldn't bash them for doing what they think is right. no one on cafemom is a perfect parent. no one knows everything about being a parent. what happened to your child isn't necessarily going to happen to everyone elses child. all kids are different. peoples priorities are different. i'm sick of it. can't someone just post something about their lives without starting a huge debate. and then there are the people that live on the drama and add to it and make posts popular. we are all adults here and should be able to make our own decisions on how to raise your kids. it is one thing to post "information" and another to press your point on others and talk down to people that disagree with you. aaarrrggghhhh!!! i just get so angry about it. it makes me not want to read posts because there is always so much negative drama attached to everything! chill out people!!

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