when i waz in my younger dayz, i new tat i waz adopted, so when i grew up in my teens i always think negative abt my real mom, i always thought tat she di'nt loved me,n her only main concern waz on my half sistez n brotherz, as i grew older, i realized, she waz not in the wrong 2 give me up 4 adoption, but deep in my heart, i still fill hurt, with wut she did, but i kept it 2 myself n vent my angerness on her. after years gone by when i'm in my aged tat i can accept reality,n when i listen n heard  wut my aunties stories abt the truth behind my moms doing, i felt sry 4 her,i 4give her, but in my heart only. my mistake till nw is i still could not accept the reality even though i noe it was not her mistake to give me away. until last year i waz still not closed to her like mother n daughter should b. even when she waz vry sick, i did'nt pay her a visit, tat waz my biggest mistake, until 27th of september 2007, she passed away, without me by her bedside. tat day waz thursday n i waz totally flat, i waz vry sick n waz resting,  there were no phone only my pc, my sis send a message but i did'nt check my mails as i waz really vry sick, until when at over 5 pm, i waz feling uneasy, when i on my pc, i received the bad news. i regreted my whole life of wut happened n i cried non stop n i noe its 2 to late, even if I cry blood, my mom would nvr come back.......MAK....if u could listen upthere...... PLZZZ FORGIVE MY SINS.............

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