year 1990 i got married at the aged of 22, when after both my parents died in 1991 n 1993 respectively, my life shattered, i divorced with my 1st hubby, then frm there onwards i've no place, no shelter on my head to called a home. lucky 4 me ALLAH pitied me n i've found a job as a security supervisor, where some were allowed to work 24hrs, n i took the opportunity to work in tis line 4 many years frm 1993 till 1996, when ALLAH answered my prayers n there came my savior, tat is my 2nd hubby, who pitied on me, care 4 me n took me in to b with him. the vry sad bad memories i had waz when i did'nt have a proper n a miserable life, i almost wanted to end my life as i thought, therez no meaning 4 me 2 stay on in tis world, until he came. i thanx ALLAH, 4 showing me the right path n my hubby as my savior n nw we r married with 5 lovely, devily wonderful kidz. n the lenght or our married life is nw 12yrs. wishing, hoping n praying 4 a long n lasting marriage. as i believed in water n fire in a marriage life. may ALLAH blessed us. AMIN

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