i don't talk to her as much as i should. we have been best friends since high school and after our freshman yr of college she moved to mn. we both have very different busy lives. she stayed in school and did the sorority/college girl thing. i got married, had a baby all that stuff. we maybe talk once or twice a month but it doesnt' matter. we still pick up right where we left off. i am so excited to go to her wedding in november. i am the maid of honor you know...

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Feb. 18, 2008 at 2:26 PM I have one of these too! I've been married for 7 years and she just got married 4 months ago. It was hard because for the longest time it seemed like we didn't have much in common. Now she's married and pregnant with her first baby! I'm so excited. I got to send her all my maternity stuff!

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Feb. 18, 2008 at 3:28 PM That is great you guys still keep in touch. I used to have a BFF but moved away when I was 16. When I came back when I was 18 we just never stayed friends. We were friends since 3rd grade. Maybe one day when she gets married and has a baby we will keep in touch better. Anyway I bet being in the wedding will be exciting!!

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