i think i'll finally listen to whatever higher force or power is at work here....i've known this awesome guy almost five years and we've started to date, but i've always ditched out for someone else i thought was better (stupid me). we lost touch for 2 years and randomly we run into eachother one day. the poor guy has been chasing me but i've been in a relationship (not anymore!) i think fate has been saying "hello sara! this is your guy, right here how many times do i have to dump him in your face?" anyways, i'm going with this and we ate lunch the other day and i had butterflies the whole time and we have a date this thursday! wish me luck ;-)

this guy is almost too good to be true, he's almost a firefighter, about to train to be a personal trainer and fights in the mma, getting close to the ufc (hott) and he's been totally smitten and patient with me for almost FIVE years! i'm almost scared to go for it....

anyways, just excited about the date, had to ramble about it!!

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