so maybe i shouldnt but i need help.  i dunno if i just need to vent or whats going on but im going nuts.  my 3 year old is a terror.  she doesnt listen at all.  ive tried things to help. 

so my man told me this morning to call him if she starts acting up.  so i did.  when he got home he set her in a 30 minute time out (and she knew the whole time why she was in there) then now he took away all the toys in the house.....including hunters.  and he put up all the movies....wrong?? 

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Feb. 22, 2008 at 9:47 PM
wow.... that sounds like alot to me for a 3 year old but then again maybe your right? my daughter is the same way she is almost 3 and she high pitch screams for everything! and at bed time she kicks the door! Loud! i was telling her that if she is not good then she has to go live with the monsters! sounds funny and maybe its wrong but it does work she runs and sits on the coutch the second i say it and if she does somthing again i get my cell phone and tell her im calling them and she runs in her room....but time and time again she is still doing these things so i dont know?

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Feb. 22, 2008 at 10:26 PM

Sounds good.  Behavioural Intervention.

first warning, then takeaway and time-out.  It takes our son 20 minutes just to stop yelling when in time out.


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