Well he finally gave into his sippy cups.... i had the find the perfect cup... well it's not the actual perfect cup because they're all so tricky .... i hate them. I dont want him to spill it or make a mess of himself so i like the spill proff but then again some of them are too hard to suck on and he gives up so fast and doenst want them. Sooooooo i found the Nuby... they're not the best but its a nice transition from bottle to sippy cup... and then i decided to try the Mr. Browns training one and its perfect except its starting to leak a little ... i have no idea why... Anther think... thanks for your advice girls.... i did exactly what you guys told me ... and my dad jajaja... it was so simple... i just dont give him any snack... but once or twice a day.... and less milk a day... and he eats his vegetables...havent tried homemade soup on him yet jajaj i made my famous potatoe soup but he didnt like it... i guess because of the small chunks of potato... i'm going to try it all pureed... so yeah he's eating better... and i'[m so proud since we're going out of town this friday and well he's  a year old and atleast he is drinking from a sippy cup.... we'll be spending a littel more than a week over there at our hometown with our family so it gets my mind at ease that i wont be having that much trouble with him over there.

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Mar. 15, 2008 at 5:04 PM That is good you got something that he is making some adjustment to. My grands at age one had a time with the cups and wanted to keep his btte but finaly  get it  away. the other finally he was 1 so close to getting to two, but he wanted the cups instead the sippy n yes messy. but i was just gonna say you might not have a lot of trouble when with your family cause he might begin to like eating different  things.have a great trip.

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Mar. 31, 2008 at 10:43 PM congrats on finding a cup that actually works.  I used the nuby with my dd.  it was great until she figured out that if she tipped it upside down and pushed the top on the table her juice would go all over the place, although that took her a few months.  another cup that works great is the gerber color change cup. it has a hard top so no leaks. I stuck with the nuby for a while it really helped my dd transitions to a cup.

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