Hi everyone I almost forgot about this site, well I am here now, my husband and I will be getting custody of his 14 year old daughter, is there anyone that can give me advice on raising a teen aged girl, I will be enrolling her in school here in a week and half after i get the paerwork I need to enroll her, I am not here to replace her mother, i am just a step mother, I know raising a 3 yr old is a little hard but now I will be raising a teen, I need advice on anything to help me with this, she will be here this weekend, I am excited and yes she loves me very much, we usually have her summertime to visit so I know kinda what she is like, she has been failing school, hanging out with wrong people and getting into trouble, the dating thing has failed and yeah we will allow her to date but we have to check out the guy first, anyway advice is helpful if anyone can help I would appreciate it thanks and God Bless

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Mar. 5, 2008 at 7:01 AM

Communication is the number one thing!! Guidelines and rules are necessary, as long as you talk about the rules and respect each other things will go smoothly.  Fourteen seems awful young to date but it depends on her and your meaning of dating. Set the guidelines right away so there is no confustion between you. 

I can not stress too much that communication is number ONE!

Good luck

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