My 4 year old son,Adam,  was Diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes on 2-26-08.  They thought he had the flu!  His stomach hurt, he had headaches, he drank and peed a lot and he was very lethargic and dehydrated.  All symptoms I now know means he has high blood sugar. These symptoms slowly got worse over a two week period.  I took him to the walk in clinic twice and they gave him antibiotics for an ear infection and albuterol because they said his chest sounded tight.  I called the nurse a  few days later and said he is not getting better.  She told me "it sound like he Is still trying to recover from that flu that was going around"  luckily I was persistent and told her something else had to be going on.

I took him in and they did blood work but the doc. said "it looks like this flu that going around."  So I went home and put my very tired child down to sleep.  The Doc called me back an hour later and said "it looks like he has diabetes you need to take him to the ER now.  His blood glucose is 860."  He even tried to comfort me by telling me " This disease can be controlled and they are even looking for a cure right now."   That 20 minute drive to the hospital was gut wrenching.  I was shaky and very scared.

 When we got to the ER we checked in and seen by the triage nurse.  Then we were taken to an ER room.  The Doctor kept saying he is very sick!  Our pastor came and said a prayer for us.  I was scared but I felt like everything would be okay. They tried several times and finally got his IV in.  (Didn't we already deal with that enough when he was a baby and was misdiagnosed with Addison's disease)  Nurses do not know how to get an IV or blood from a child!

Later that evening Adam was taken to the pediatric floor.  He had finally had his first Insulin shot.  Because they were to busy putting in the IV to remember to give him insulin I guess! 

The next day started the beginning of having shots after every meal and before bed.  It is heart breaking to have to hurt your child for his own good.  He had a hard time dealing with the fact that he had to keep getting them.  He would scream and say I already had enough medicine!    I am better now!  I don't need anymore shots! The nurses helped me to explain to him that he feels better because he is taking medicine now.   We had to stop calling them shots, Because he would put up a fight as soon as he heard that word.  The Nurses had to hold him down while I gave him shot in the beginning. 

I did everything I could not to cry in front of Adam.  Had been through enough without thinking there was something wrong with mommy.  Now I feel like I should have let it out I am so stressed.  I have to learn how to take care of him all over again.  How many carbs. did he eat?  How much insulin does he get for that?  I am starting to feel very scared that I could mess up and he could get too much insulin.   How am I going to do this?

I am so proud of Adam.   He seems to be getting used to the shots now.  I think he is going to be okay!  He asks for finger pokes now so he can eat.  He still has some outburst,  but he has come so far this past week.

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Mar. 8, 2008 at 11:14 AM Sounds like you have a very strong little boy!!  Thank God you were so persistant... Parents know their children and sometimes doctors think medical school makes them an expert on knowing your children!  I'm glad Adam is doing better, I'd love to hear updates!!  Have a great weekend~ Kaitlen

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Mar. 26, 2008 at 10:12 AM

May I get in the boat with you? You were able to verbalize all the things I'm feeling in your post! My 8 year old son was diagnosed 2 weeks ago - after our third visit to the doctor for what I thought was a bladder or urinary tract infection - because he was peeing so much.  Since the doctor had no open appointments,  the third time we saw the pediatric physician's assistant - and she throught to check his blood sugar.  Friday we see the pediatric endocronoligist.  And the closer it gets the more panic I feel.   Why do we feel like bad mothers because our children are sick? My head tells me it isn't my "fault" but my heart keeps saying all those things that begin with "You should have.......". 

And like you, I'm trying to hold all this raw emotion in because I don't want to add to Noah's stress.  But my stomach feels like one giant knot and I can't sleep.  I wake up thinking - what if his blood sugar goes haywire while he's sleeping?

I do feel blessed that we have the Mom's group to "talk" to - I know they've all been through this and I'm hoping they'll give both of us help and support.


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