It's so sad,,,Where my mothers lives,This family at one time went to my moms church the woman played the piano, the boys were 10& 12''

The was a family  as they slept at 3am, some people broke in their house stabed and shot,everyone all four ...set the house on fire to, 

 A wife. husband and the two boys that were in the house.They wondered where the sixteen year old girl was,It turns out that she was at her boyfriends house hiding...

They found that the father had got out of the house,and drug himself to the neibors house for help.Which now he is in crital condtion,They would find that the 16 year old and her boyfriend and his buddys has done all this,Because they would not let her date this 20 year old man.

They will buried the three tommorrow,a funeral home donate the caskets,and people gave money to get plots because they had losted everything,

So sad ,This man has losted everything,,,keep him and this misguide girl in your prayers,

And then one of my sons old friends looked him up his wife had died of a heart defect,She was only 26/He si so upset,needless to say,My son is going to be a pallburier on tueday.maybe this will help their  friendship renew,

Isay a prayer for him and his family,she was not ill,she just had a heart attack and died,No time to save her,,,



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Mar. 10, 2008 at 9:21 AM

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