Let me preface this by saying I just got the car seats for my 3 kids in my backseat this past Saturday. I could've been pulled over because Matty wasn't in a booster seat.

Today, as I was driving the boys home after picking Matty up from pre-school, I was stuck at the red light in front of my apartment complex. I pulled up next to a police car. Matty had decided to say goodbye to the trucks as we were taking the jughandle, and just didn't stop waving and saying goodbye. Kevin joined in, and the 2 of them were smiling and waving-- it was adorable. But the kicker was when I looked over at the cop-- he was laughing his butt off!  He must've thought they were waving to him. I told Matty that he made the cop's day, but Matty had no idea the cop saw him. 

It was so freaking cute!  

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