Wednesday March 12th! 10 days before her first birthday my brilliant little girl took 2 unassisted steps 2 different times! I'm so proud of her! She was so happy with herself. I'm so excited for her to get walking down. I also can't wait for her birthday on the 22nd! She's getting so many gifts, it's just crazy. I'm anxious about the cake I'm going to attempt and I hope it turns out as amazing as I've invisioned it. Greg has been so supportive with wedding plans and birthday plans. I can't imagine life without him. Sisika has a flu shot today and I'm so happy Greg is leaving work early to come with us. Sisi's such a Daddy's girl.. There's so much left to do before her birthday, I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed.

Oh! The other day Sisika was cranky and I couldn't figure out what she wanted! So my last hope was to try her in her high chair. She didn't want spoon food so I tried her favorite finger food. Apple Strawberry puffs.. She just got more upset with me! She was throwing them on the floor, crying.. So I got out the cheerios and put them on her tray with the puffs. She ate around the puffs! She picked out all the cheerios and ate them. She even picked up a puff by accident with some cheerios, spread them out on her palm and removed the puff. lol.. It was so cool. I just had this amazing and warm feeling watching her pick the cheerios from the puffs. It makes me feel so good to realize that my daughter has specific wants and that even though she LOVES her puffs, she just felt like cheerios that day. That's probably my favorite part of motherhood. Something so simple has the ability to brighten my day and make me feel so incredible. Oh and poor Greg's feet are killing him. He's talking in his sleep about how bad they hurt. :( Poor guy, I wish I could make them feel better! Anyways, long day tomorrow. Better get to bed!

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