Today my fiance and I picked out wedding bands and put a payment on them! We were going to buy them flat out, but with 9 months before the wedding.. Why spend all that money at once. They're both so beautiful we would probably end up wanting to wear them now. I saw mine a month ago and fell in love with it.. I've thought about it every day since that day. I'm so happy I got the one I wanted.. I feel a little bad that it's almost twice the price of Greg's.. But he wouldn't take no for an answer! He like.. MADE me get that ring. He knew I loved it and he admitted, he couldn't stop thinking about it either. It matches my engagement ring perfectly, which is hard to do because mine is a 5000$ ring with a giant solitaire and 42 smaller diamonds! I just love it so much... I'm so lucky. Greg's ring is amazing too and it matches mine really well. He really likes it. He's not a fan of jewelry so he said it will take a little time of wearing it and he's sure he will LOVE it. It's also riddled with diamonds. We also finished shopping for Sisika's birthday & Easter.. They're one day apart this year so next weekend will be an exciting and funfilled one. I put together some goodie bags for the kids at Sisika's party tonight.. I've never felt more like a Mommy! lol.. It was so fun. So her easter basket is put together, all gifts are bought, all that's left is wrapping a few things and about 2 days worth of cake making. I'm making a 3 tier fondant covered cake with 4 different flavors. It's going to be so awesome! (Hopefully!) Sisika is getting a lot of gifts and is just so loved. It's going to be great! Also Wednesday night, I'm either making cupcakes or "Cat Turd" nests (Cat Turds were my Grandmas name for the small no-bake chocolate oatmeal drop cookies). I'll be putting mini eggs on whichever I choose. Nests or cupcakes??? Hmmmmm.... Anyways, I'm making them for Greg to take to work so I have to make 50+ plus the cake, plus the party on Saturday, Easter on Sunday and Easter Dinner out of town. Ahhhhhhhhh! I'm so happy I have such a helpful and supportive man in my life. I woke up to a backrub this morning! I love him to pieces and I can't wait to be his wife. Anyways, I'm going to go get into bed with him right now. I have some reading to do anyways because my wonderful lover bought me yet another new book. :)

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