today i feel like crap. it is 245 in the afternoon and i still have not showered. the one thing that i told myself that i wouldnt let go of has been slipping through my fingers. i enjoy a daily shower not only because i hate having oily face and hair and dont wanna be stinky, i like the alone time. i certainly feel better on the days i shower so i really try to do it. logan however has been sooooo incredibly fussy and squirmy  today. he wont jump in the jumper. he wont sit or lay to play in the crib, he is barely crawling and only is happy on the floor for 5 seconds. he loses interest in whatever i give him fast and he wont stay in my arms nice. he wont sit with me. he wants the keyboard and mouse. he whines and cries and screams if i put him down. we have eaten and he has napped so i am just frustrated. i should have showered when he was napping but i was on here browsing and finding new stuff. so i feel like today is a complete waste in the sense that i didnt get anything done, not even clean myself. Logan only wants what he cant have. it is so ironic. we can give him all the stuff in the world one after another and still he wants the mouse or cell phone or a piece of paper. we have all these toys for him that are colorful and make noise and have lights and he wants to put a dumb chord in his mouth. why!!!!!! why!!! why!!!! whining whining whining. does it ever stop. screaming screaming just wish i could tune it out. grrrrr.

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Mar. 18, 2008 at 7:54 PM

Boy have I been there........ I am so sorry to hear you are haveing a bad day. sometimes we just need

mommy time. make sure all of your son needs are met, changed, fed, ect then take your ten min and shower, you can put him in his crib with a toy or some music on and GO! he will make it ok. and you will feel better after your shower and come back to him better able to meet his needs.

hope this helps.

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