I can't sleep..

Simply because of this tiny little miracle laying in the bassinet next to me..

I never realized how my life would change after she was born.. I had never experienced the love, and joy you experience the first time you hold your child, how your life changes the first time you hold them..

How differently you see the world after you've looked into their innocent little eyes.. My pregnancy was unplanned, and completely unexpected..

I was upset because I had just got a promotion at work, and we had finally gotten just about everything in place for us to have a comfortable life with just the two of us..

Plans for romantic vacations, and finally getting to go sit at a bar together.. and not living with our relatives.. and none of them living with us..

I remember the first time I went to the doctor, and they pulled that first image of our baby up on the ultrasound screen.. how tiny it was.. How tiny and strange looking it was.. but how beautiful at the same time...

Even though I was scared to death about having the responsibility of taking care of another person...

Since the day she was born she has turned into the most amazing little person.. very quiet, content and somber like her mom, and just so much like her dad.. shes so happy, and she has his smile.

What an absolute work of art we have created!..

I know now why my mother cried when I moved away.. and why she calls me every day to check on me..

Because even though they cut the cord at birth to detach the baby from the mother, and create a self contained person.. there is always that attachment, that special bond.. that I never realized existed until I held her for the first time.. 

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Mar. 20, 2008 at 4:21 AM Very beautiful post.  It is pretty amazing that feeling of unconditional love... It wakes you up... Every fiber in your being is tapped into their every whim... After 23 years of being a mom I still get those feelings from time to time... Remembering how it was... take care to cherrish every moment because it will only be a minute and you will be where I am wishing them back...Best of luck to you and your family...

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Mar. 31, 2008 at 11:21 PM I agree...absolutely beautiful and so true. I love my job, and now I am dreading going back because I love my daughter more, and can't even imagine leaving her for 8 hous. They truely can't detach a baby from its mother...

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