How do you tell if you have parasites in your body? It may be a scary thing to imagine but over 80%

I am not saying that you need to use the  products promoted in these article, but the information to tell if you have parasites is good.

I have a second article below has 5 ways to get rid of parasites using products that many people have in there home.


How do you tell if you have parasites in your body? It may be a scary thing to imagine but over 80% of people living in the western hemisphere contain 1 or more parasites in their bodies. 9 out of 10 people don't even know that they have them! This article gives people an a list of symptoms people exhibit if they have parasites in their body.

Most Common Symptoms People Exhibit If they Have Parasites

1. Anemia

2. Grinding teeth

3. Constipation

4. Digestion Problems

5. Bloating

6. Chronic Fatique

7. Obesity

8. Craving for junk/fast foods and ingredients including sugar, starch, and unhealthy substances

9. Allergies

10. Muscle aches

These are the most common. Most people relate these symptoms to common problems like eating wrong foods or overworking and even over exercising. But these symptoms can also prove that there are other reasons you have them (parasites). For the most part parasites come from the food we eat.

They can be located in our intestines. And when we eat foods, they slowly feed off the nutrients they provide, leaving us a empty meal. This makes people feel hungry and causes them to eat more. This leads to weight gain. In addition parasites crave fast foods and junk foods so if you're addicted to them, it isn't just because they have sugar. It's because the parasites stick to your body forcing it act out and this makes you want to continue eating those unhealthy foods.

However there are many ways that you can get rid of these parasites. Some of which involve drinking at least 10 cups of water a day and eating less fast foods and junk foods. This cuts of the foods the parasites love and slowly kills them and gets them out of your body!

If you're still skeptical about the fact that parasites can live in your body, click here to view more facts and symptoms including ways to stop them.

This page also offers insight into a special guide that explains many ways to get rid of them easily in using quick techniques/herbs and long term lifestyle changes and prevention methods. By getting rid of parasites in your body, you can help your body regain it's health, lose up to 10-30 pounds and never ever let these nasty things come to you again!

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Human parasites are more present in the human body today than ever before. 80% of the people living in the Western Hemisphere have at least 1 type of parasite in their body. Some people can carry up to 100 different types of parasites. These nasty things are present in the food we eat and can appear because of our unhealthy diets. In addition parasites are also know to causes the degeneration of health and obesity! So here are 5 ways to get rid of human parasites for good:

Method 1: Drink 10 glasses of water a day

It is also best to drink less sodas, caffeine drinks and processed juices. Parasites love to feed of these products and the less of them you drink and the more water you drink, the faster they are flushed away and killed!

Method 2: Eat Psyillium Husk Herbs

These herbs are an anti-parasite herb and kill the adult parasites in your body. It's recommended you purchase these herbs in capsule form because they are absolutley disgusting in taste.

Method 3: Eat Wormwood Herbs

This herb kills worms in your body. Believe it or not animals aren't the only ones who get these nasty things and the wormwood herb is a natural parasite/worm killer.

Method 4: Eat clove herbs

Yes one more herb! This one kills the eggs parasites lay! So it's absolutely imperative that you eat this herb to make sure they never come back! It's also recommended that you take the above 3 herbs together to get the best effect.

Method 5: Do a lemon cleanse

This is one of the most powerful methods of cleaning the body of parasites, toxins and undigested foods. A lemonade cleanse involves drinking a combination of salt water, lemonade drinks and laxative tea's for 7-10 days. This flushes out all of the nasty substances in your body and gets rid of parasites for good. It is not an easy method, but the results are absolutely incredible! People feel younger, look younger and rejuvinated and lose 10-20 pounds in 1 week!

So there you have it. 5 methods that help get rid of parasites for good! Most of the information attained here was gathered from Dr. Suzzane Gudakunst who created a special guide to get rid of parasites for good. the above methods are general ideas with the exception of the lemon cleanse.

If you're interested in getting rid of parasites for good, then I highly recommend you check out Dr. Suzzane Gudakunst guide known as the "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret". Here is an excellent page that gives people an inside look into the guide and what they can expect from it!

In addition it lists alot of helpful advice including how to find out if you have parasites and more. If you're interested in trying method #5 (lemon cleanse) and would like to know how/where to get started, click here.

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Mar. 26, 2008 at 11:15 PM

I am always nervous to take natural remedies.  They tend to not be regulated and some can actually have harmful side effects.  The probiotics that everybody are going crazy over don't advertised that it could be dangerous in children, elderly or those who are already ill and can actually lead to the need to use antibiotics!  Instead it is pushed as the cure-all which means that people who are ill might fall into this trap.  Scary!

Not saying that these things are dangerous, I don't know anything about them to make that judgement.  I just worry about taking anything though ... even prescription. 

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