i pledged to change out a light bulb...i have done that.  i pledged to change one cleaner to ORGANIC...i have done that. i pledged to change my laundry soap to CONCENTRATED...i have done that also. but i REFUSE to change to a cleaner who says that they are organic and safe! and by that i mean a product who is saying that they are green and better when they have ethenol in it along with other unsafe ingredients!!! also if you read the fine print it says that you cant eat off of the surfaces after you clean them!!! im sorry but if i want something to be clean, i want to be able to eat off of it or know that if i put food there to prepare im not going to get sick!! and i surely dont want to clean with something that i can put in my car as gas!!!!

BUT THERE IS ANOTHER OPTION!!! i can help you change out your household cleaners and everyday products to REAL ORGANIC and CONCENTRATED products! They are COMPLETELY safe and better for you! If YOU would like more info about any of these products or YOU would like to become a customer to get these in your home...please go to


Take the pledge and help us save the Earth together!!!! 

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Mar. 24, 2008 at 9:19 PM WOOHOO!!!! Hear Hear!!!!  I completely agree with you!!!  More people need to read the labels!  Congrats Woman!

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