It seems like only yesterday i found out i was pregnant with our 4th and last child. I can hardly believe how fast the time has flown since our youngest son Nathan Jacob was born. 5 yrs ago tommorow my baby entered this world and now in less then 5 months i'll be watching him go off to kindergarten with his lil backpack on and his spiderman lunchbox in hand. He has been looking forward to that day for a long time and next Thursday April 3rd his dad and i will be taking him to kindergarten registration. In a way i feel sad because i know that he is my last child but in a way i'm happy because i know that going off to school is a part of growing up. I sit here thinking about all of his first's. his first word which of course was da da, his first time he ate "real" food, his first steps, his first tooth, his first time he walked, his first time he used the potty,his first time he could sing his fav song twinkle twinkle little star without missing a word, his first time he colored me a picture even though he scribbled most of it it's still very precious to me, I told my hubby the other day that i'm a wee bit sad at the fact of my baby is no longer my baby and that if i could i'd keep him and my other 3 kids little forever. He looked at me and said yea but then if you did that they'd never get to grow up and experierence what this world has in store for them. And in a way i guess he's kind of right but  i would still like to do so.

And so as i end my journal post i'd just like to say




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May. 2, 2008 at 1:38 PM Awwwww how sweet..I feel the same way all the time!

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