My husband and I went down to the local community college yesterday to see if we could qualify for a quarter of free tuition-they were giving 250 students that opportunity. I guess as an incentive to get more people to go there. Well, we didn't. However! We did qualify for something even better!! We get tuition, fees, and books all for free!! :-) And it doesn't necessarily stop after one quarter like the other would have. As long as we don't make above a certain amount for the number of people in our household they'll still pay for us! And since Rachel will be born before fall quarter that amount will go up-lol! Although I'm not sure how long it'll be before I go back to school after the baby's born. It'll depend on if Michael and I can both schedule classes around each other and his work so that we don't have to get child care. Otherwise I'll wait until she's a little older and let Michael finish up his courses. :-) It's was so unexpected though since we're not hard-off or anything. We have a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood (well as nice as you can get in Kent-lol). Michael has a good job that he enjoys... It's a definite blessing though! We'd never have been able to afford it ourselves and we aren't at a stage in our life where we feel okay about taking out student loans. :-) Anyways, we're both very excited to start our classes on Monday and start working towards a degree!

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May. 8, 2008 at 3:05 PM WOW, that's so cool!!  What college??

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