Wow, I finally have a few minutes to sit down and post a journal entry! We were SO busy last week, I just didn't get around to it. So Sisika's birthday was the 22nd (1 day before Easter!) and we had a party for her. It was only 4 kids + herself but it was more than enough! Plus Sisika's half-brother (who is special needs and was adopted by a family that specializes in that type of care) was extremely sick so he couldn't come. :( Including parents and other adults, we had 13 or 14 people though! Anyways, we organized an egg hunt for the kids and hid those little chocolate tinfoil eggs all over the house and in the backyard (it was such a beautiful day that day!) and there were little easter baskets sitting out for each kid to collect eggs with. Every kid got a prize, but the one with the most eggs got a grand prize! (Giraffe stuffy with some easter treats.) We also colored some eggs the night before and painted the kids names on them. I then cut out some egg shaped Easter colored paper and Greg wrote clues that led the kids to their personalized colored eggs! This is what Damon's (Sisika's half brother) clue said. (I really wish he could've come!!!)


On this day that's filled with cheer, your sister's happy you are here! Nothing fills me more with pride, than when you're by your sister's side! In this room you'll find a spot, that now is cold but can get hot!

(It was in the fireplace!) Here's one more.

 Caleb, you made it! We're glad you came, to celebrate Sisika's day. You're her friend, yes it's true! So for you, a special clue! To the eye it's all the same.. Your favorite show or Daddy's game! If you look just below, you'll have your treat before you know!

(Under the TV) It was so fun to see Greg sit and get creative and it was eally cool to see him stay up past 2am each night of the weekend and get a taste of my life!! Needless to say, he was exhausted by Sunday night!

 Anyways, after the egg hunt, we played pin the tail on the donkey which was fun! Then Greg fired up the BBQ for dinner and we did gift opening. Sisika got a ridiculous ammount of presents! After gifts we ate supper and CUT THE CAKE! The weekend before the birthday party, I baked for 9 1/2 hours (THANK YOU FOR WATCHING SISIKA THE WHOLE TIME GREG!!!!) and made 3 tiers for the cake, 2 layers per tier. The night before the party I was making fondant so the cake would look pro (actually practising for my wedding and we tasted it and thought.. "We can't feed this to kids in the evening!!!" It's pure sugar but made chewy.. Also my recipe was oh so wrong and instead of following my instinct, I followed the dumb recipe and my fondant instantly turned hard as a rock anyways! So it worked out. The only bad thing of course.. Was that the morning before the party, I had to whip up like 4 batches of icing and ice/decorate the cake with buttercream! It was very last minute and rushed but it still turned out ok! I was sad that I didn't get to do the jungle animal cake I had invisioned.. But the colors I ended up choosing for the cake matched the plates, forks, cups, Sisika's birthday outfit/hat and everything so it all worked out! I just pulled the top tier off and let her destroy it. The bottom layer of the cake was chocolate/cherry, the middle was banana (which the kids LOVED, the adults pretty much ate the chocolate!) and the top for Sisika was carrot! (all homemade batters!)


Daddy picked out her birthday outfit!! The shirt says "The Birthday Princess. It's My Day!" and her hat says "Birthday Girl".


Anyways, it was a really fun and amazing day and Sisika walked to Daddy for the first time on her birthday so that was awesome!!! So then Easter morning was nice, Sisika found her treats and Uncle James had slept over that night. He went home in the morning after SIsika got all of her Easter stuff and Greg, Sisika and I went for Easter brunch at Smitty's. She ate a fruit cup! It was pretty cute, she loved the watermelon! So then we went to my Mom's house after brunch and my brother had set up a little Easter hunt for Greg and I so that was pretty cute.. Then we went out of town for Easter dinner that night to my Aunt and Uncle's which was nice. Sisika loves the attention! And then Monday, Greg said she got up and walked a few steps completely unassisted. I missed it though. :( Anyways, that's what's been going on. Oh and we're giving our notice to move out of our house because the landlords have sold it, and I found a lot of mold that the landlord won't take care of, and didn't even tell the buyers about!!!!!! I couldn't even believe it! So we're going househunting tomorrow and then Greg is taking Sisika for the afternoon while my Mum and I go wedding dress shopping! :) I can't wait. After rereading this, I just feel so grateful to have Greg. He helps so much with anything Iever need help with and he's always there for me. He supports me in everything and anything I want to do. I love him and can't wait to be his wife!! :)



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Apr. 9, 2008 at 6:18 PM HO CUTE IS SHE! looks like every one have a blast!!!

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Mar. 12, 2014 at 12:54 PM

she is so cute dear like you very beautiful :)

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