I am so incredibly happy today. not that anything wonderful has happened. in fact i slept in too late and have not showered yet and strangely that doesnt bother me as much as it has other days. It is 40 degrees outside!!! i went out to take Lee his lunch and WOW it felt great!. the sun is shining brightly and it is just beautiful. i have learned this doesnt mean anything for spring though. last week i went upstairs from out basement dungeon and it was 42 and sunny and i saw blue out in the lake!!! i was so excited. it was pretty. it means that the thick coat of ice on lake superior was melting!!! i saw water!!!! yes i was happy. then the next day (easter) it snowed over an inch and was windy and cloudy. yuck!!! it even snowed yesterday. i hate that. it is march for crying out loud. end the snow!!! but today i love it. beautiful sunshine. i cant wait for summer. maybe i need to actually step out side once a day for some happy air. good grief. maybe i feel this way because i got to see lee for a whole minute while giving him his lunch and that is just nice. usually he comes home and in about an hour he is in bed. i miss him :(  well, i just wanted to write how great i feel. logan has not napped today yet. it is after 2 and he is showing no signs of going to sleep. he is happily laying in his crib squealing and playing. why is he not tired??? crazy head.  he was up at 6 this morning too!!! insane. lee gave him a bottle and i stayed in bed. :) isnt that bad??? oh well. waiting impatiently for summer!!!

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