I cant believe it!!! I am going crazy!!! I have turned into those people that start to do something then forget it for 3 hours then suddenly remember it. Today for example, i put a thing in the microwave for lunch and then went downstairs to put logan to sleep. after a scream fest he finally went to sleep and i started reading a book. then i talked to lee and watched a show. and i only remembered my lunch when my tummy started aching and was horribly hungry!! i think oh yeah the microwave. can you believe it!!??? i forget to eat??? that is silly!! i do that a lot lately. like a few nights ago. lee asks me to nuke him a dinner while he is in the shower. ok i say and in the one second he says it i forget and sit down at cafe mom!!! he gets out of the shower and says my dinner?? oh yeah!! i forgot!! is that bad??? it is bad!! if we had a kitchen i feel like i would forget boiling water!!! or something in the oven. i feel like i have lost my brain!! i used to remember everything and not have to write it down and i was an organizational freak. i had file drawers and manila folders for each of the bills and i would put the statements in them in order!! now if it is paid i put it in the burn pile, and that is only after sitting around for 3 months. not like me!!! i am half entertained by this and half not. i hate that i have slipped so much. i am one of those that forgets lunch in the microwave and then 3 hours later i wonder why i am hungry!! i need help!

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Mar. 28, 2008 at 6:23 PM I got that way too after having Hunter . I think you just need some alone time. Clear your head. If theres alot going on that makes it more difficult. Take an hour or so if you can a week and go do something whether its taking a hot bath or going grocery shopping by your self.

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