Ever since my little "mishap" (see other journal entry)  my dh has been so attentive and loving!!  We have had more fun in the last week than we have had in the last 6 mos!  He hasn't even turned the computer on in 2 weeks.   He actually took a night off of work tonight so we can go out to eat & watch FIGHT NIGHT/TUF together.  If you knew my hubby you would know that it is absolutely out of character for him to take a night off.  we actually scheduled our c-section around his work schedule LMAO!! Well yesterday was my 33rd bday & hubby kept telling me that we would do something on wed (today) to celebrate.  My hubby usually gets home around 5am & i usually roll out of bed around 730am.  This morning he woke me up around 6am, asking me if i could get up cuz he can't wait anymore ... he was too excited.  i woke up to a TREASURE HUNT!! he got me a ton of little things.. i got a new camera, shoes, some make up, magazines, pink wii controller cover, decorators kit etc... there were about 5-6 different clues around the house  (even the trunk of the car LoL)  i just can't believe how much thought he put into it all.. he drew pretty little pics on each clue..  He wrote my name all pretty with flowers , hearts on each clue card.  im just in amazement.  i don't know what to say! i can't wait to use my new wet/dry ceramic flat iron !!! LMAO or should i put on my gel nails??!  i haven't stopped smiling. 

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Apr. 2, 2008 at 10:58 AM That is too funny.  I am so glad everything worked out for the better.   That is such a sweet idea!

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