I remember the good old days. When if my little one was sick he stayed in bed or on the couch in a diaper then slept or watched TV until the illness went away. Ah for those golden olden days.

I have an excellent employer. I am allowed to work from home if I need too and not take it as a sick day but I actually have to work. Otherwise I need to take it as a sick day. Now my school has rules on what situations you can not bring your child to school. And they are not unreasonable. But I have a fair haired little boy with Autism and Eczema. An active reasonably healthy wild BOY!

Every single thing that goes around I am getting a note from school about the newest problem raging through the students then two days later I am getting a call from the school nurse that I need to come get my kid. My little fair haired boy runs around gets excited and gets flushed. So he gets sent to the nurse, who takes his temperature, then calls me because it is exactly on the line for them not being allowed in school. No other symptoms but rules are rules. By the time I get there he’s no longer pink, no temp, but better safe than sorry. So I pick up my jabbering bouncing child and take him home. Where he proceeds to make me nuts cause he isn’t sick enough to be still and allow me to work from home.

His eczema flairs up and it’s that coin eczema and the teachers and students are concerned so I need to pick him up take him to the doctor and get a note that it’s not ring worm. He has a note in his file that he suffers from this. The school nurse could verify that it wasn’t ring worm but because she can’t calm the fears of teachers and other students I have to pay the co-pay take the time off work for a condition the school already knows he has. This condition flairs up a lot so I am looking at an ongoing problem here.

When the lice situation hit the school the nurse of the moment and I had a little go around. When my son’s eczema flairs he gets crazy itchy. It has happened several times since the first of the year and until the lice scare it was an irritation but no one got nutz over it. When she called me to pick him up my son had skin breakouts on his cheeks, shoulders, arms, hands, elbows, knees, etc… It was very obvious and they will not lotion him at school and at six he’s not real good at applying it to himself. So when I treat him in the morning by afternoon he’s starting to have a problem.  When the nurse tried to tell me it was lice I made her pull his hair apart and look for lice and nits. She didn’t find any. But I went in and got the note. My son’s doctor is getting a bit fed up with the unnecessary visits. He made a joke about just printing up notes and putting them into my son’s file so that he can just put a new date on it for the current visit.

Now to make the situation sweeter my autistic boy has sensory integration issues and is just a plain picky eater. What he has come to understand is if you make him do something he can’t tolerate or try to push food he doesn’t like if he throws up everything stops. Dental cleanings stop, being pushed into a new therapy by an over aggressive aid stops, if you try to make him eat something he doesn’t like, if he throws up, the meal is done. Just guess where this is going…  Really the school did catch on to this one a lot quicker. But the first time was during the influenza scare. Now I just need to keep two spare outfits at school because the school therapist isn’t going to let him get away with this behavior.  

But today just really tops it. No call from the school, this time I called them. Got woke up early because my son had a major blow out. We are talking diarrhea tummy cramps and one very unhappy unwell little boy. Cleaned him up, gave him medicine, tried to talk him into a pull up. Yes he is six but we have a few spares we keep for another autistic buddy who isn’t potty trained yet. No dice, he’s not a baby anymore. Then we wake up to another blowout just before we would normally leave in the morning. Sigh! Discretion being the better part of valor I email work and call the school. But ever since then my bored boy has been bouncing off the walls making me nuts because he wants someone to play with and I am trying to work. No more blowouts or belly cramps, just a bored little boy.  Thank god its finally 5:30 officially knock off time.

After going through all of this I realize it’s the end of the school year. I have enrolled him for a new program, YMCA summer care. As yet they have not experienced his conditions. I am in despair because I know the hurtles I will be jumping.

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May. 6, 2008 at 7:52 PM

Hi. you just have to love him or cry!! My Jesse is a lot like your boy, does your like to see the world?? School tells me that I have to take him to the DR. because he is sick.. I was told once by a man at ARC of west cent. that if school tell you that your child needs meds that the school may have to pay for the med.  I have the phone number if you would like it.. Jesse gets water ear and digs in his ear for 2 days and school will call me and tell me that he is digging for gold, but I finally get them to under stand that he is ok and I will give him drops when he gets home. Good luck!!

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