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I am being induced on 4/8 which is a Tuesday at 6am so my little bundle of joy will finally be here and I cant wait I am so excited.  I am so glad that they are not gonna cut me for a c-section since I have been dialiting for at least the past few weeks.  I am still at 3 centimeters but was told that is still good.


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Apr. 5, 2008 at 7:02 PM

hey there Susan, hadnt heard from you in awhile & thought maybe you were already enjoying your baby boy.Its a good thing that you are dilating...I had to take meds to do that when I was induced with Kristine and the meds themselves made me feel like crap. I agree also on the C-sec too, I know many moms around where I live (not every situation) but it seems that the women here choose the C-sec before really thinking that they do have the choice ,If I had it to do again I wouuld have had a water birth ...thats about as close to natual as I could get right? Beside when I was given my epideral that made me even more sick & even now I still get terrible backpain from where they admistered the needle , the nurses told me that would be the possiblity & they were right. I usually have to take OTC pain meds just to get out of bed everyday. Keep us posted ok, can't wait to see that Boy......

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