Just a head's up, the Mill End Textiles is going out of business.  Everything is on sale.  If you are dreaming up new costume pieces, this might be a great place to start!
St. Paul
Hafner Center
1546 White Bear Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55106


Store Hours: M-F 9-8 Sat 9-5 Sun 12-5
On White Bear Avenue smack dab in the middle between 94 and 694.
When the store on Larpenteur Avenue went out of business, I got a lot of really neat fabric really cheap.  Figured there were some other sewers out there who might want cheap fabric! (I got stretch velvet for $2 a yard, silks for about the same price, trims for 10 cents a yard et cetera).  This is a big store, so they probably have some good stuff ;)

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