ok so here lately i have been really feeling down not feeling 22 but feeling like 25 maybe 30.  i am 22 married with 2 little boys life is good but sometimes i feel older than what i am .  ok so tonight curtis and i went to my mom and dads .  i jumped on the trampoline (trying to lose weight) and plus its fun.  so out of that i got sore legs and hurt toes.  it was me and 2 other little girls just jumping man i am soo out of shape lol.  ok so than i got on a bike and oh man its been years since i have been on a bike i would say about 10 years honestly.  my mother had to help me get started on it she had to hold the bike while i put my feet on the pedals i felt like little girl again learning out to ride a bike lol.  it was kind of embarssing at the time because i had a 7 year old and a 5 year old watching me but just for the record once i got started it came back to me.  i rode through some mud puddles i kind of remeber my  mother telling me don't ride in the mud puddles i had to do it lol.  so i got sore legs from that could not ride it for that long hehe.  so i took alittle break and sat on the porch and alittle cat that mom kind of adopted jumped up in my lap and i sat there watching the pond in front of me and the sun reflecting down on it , how relaxing .  it was like still 71 out there 7:45 tonight how great is that.  ok so i got back on the trampoline my mom was on there she is 42 that lady still acts like a child herself .  i got flirted with alittle bit by a 4 year old but he is my cousin so maybe it was just lovin but that kid would not quit following me.   all in all tonight i had a good time found the child within.  sometimes we just gotta stop what we are doing not worry about what shape we are in or how old we really are just gotta find that child she is in there somewhere.

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Apr. 10, 2008 at 9:53 PM

I love trampolines!! They are good exercise and more importantly they are F U N!!!  It is important to never loose that child within...congratulations on having some silly fun today.  Find a way to have some tomorrow too!

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Apr. 14, 2008 at 10:14 PM

aww im glad you had a good time! i deff. dont feel like im 20 dishes laundry a four year old not the norm for our age but i wouldnt trade it for the world! we need to get togeather some time!!!

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