I would like to thank those military spouses who have been so kind and extended friendship in my direction.  I greatly appreciate that and the messages of support sent my way in recent weeks.

It seems my posts have been described by some as negative and I am greatly saddened by this.  It has been a joy to share my thoughts, opinions, and whatever advice or understanding I have come to know.  I am so disappointed to see that I have not met everyone's ideals of what positive posting should be - although it is impossible to become responsible for someone else's perception, I do express regret that my well intended posts, support , adviced asked for and given, questions asked and answered was on occasion poorly received..  I must, however, stand by what I have shared to be of honest, heartfelt integrity and I remain grateful that I have enjoyed the chance to do.  I


I have met some wonderful women, if only through online posting, and it has been a pleasure passing time with you!  I am looking forward to gaining whatever future information and support my path brings along from other military spouses associated with the current command. 

Should contact via posting be lost, feel free to reach me at admin@mysoccerflicks.com.  It would be very nice to hear from you, even if to share your frustation with me- I would sincerely enjoy your friendship.

Sending kind regards


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