1. Clean the yard you have. Mow, clean out the flowerbeds, trim bushes you have,and edge. Pick up the trash, broken toys, statues, etc. Trim trees

2.If you don't have certain items borrow until you can get.

3.Call your county extension for information on your area.

4.Know your zone and what will grow. If you live in a neighborhood that has homeowners association know the rules.

5. After your research plan what you want in your yard use freecycle, friends etc. to acquire what you need.   

6. Shop at from your own house. Compose coffee grounds, banana peels, eggs, newspaper etc. You can get coffee grounds from starbucks  just ask. Mulch your beds. Pantyhose for stake ties,use for sunflowers to put seeds/ flowers in too 

7. Plants-seeds are cheaper use dry beans, dead head flowers-marigolds, sunflowers peppers, etc. Use clippings. Bulbs multiply real easy just take time. 


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