So it's been awhile since I wrote. SO much has happened. Both showers have passed - and they were awesome. I was surrounded by people I love & who I know love me, and Kaylee now has lots of great loot. I can't wait to go through it all to get ready for her arrival. So many cute outfits, bath stuff, toys and little necessities... my next job is to organize it all, wash all of her clothes, sheets, and blankets, and finalize her room for the big day.  Today I am 35 weeks with 35 more days to go, and I teased I would buy a powerball ticket today with the powerball at 35. Didn't happen.

Tonight was the first of 3 classes - Breastfeeding. I learned a lot, but I'll still go over my notes and look through all the paperwork I was given many more times before I feel like a "pro". Unfortunately Charlie couldn't be there, but really, there was very little geared towards the daddy anyway, so he didn't really miss anything. My mom went with me and I was comfortable with it that way.

Sunday Charlie and I are going to Childbirth/Epidural and on May 4 we're attending Infant Care. Both of these classes are crash-course 8 hour deals, (as opposed to it being spread out over 4 weeks), but we had to do it this way because Charlie has so little time off. He almost wouldn't even have made it to the Sunday class but he's trying to be off Saturday night so he can make it on those days. The Childbirth/Epidural and Infant Care both require daddy be there. I don't know what they do in those classes for girls who don't have a baby daddy. Hmmmm....

During class tonight my mom got to see my belly move - her eyes got all big & she kept going "Oh my God!!!!".  Kaylee got a little active after the break when I had a Reese's PB cup. It's really cool to see her dance. She's doing it right now.

I'm relieved because I talked to Lis at work about me coming back part-time after maternity leave, and Tom is cool with that. They are leaving it up to me about HOW I want to do it, though, which is really cool, because during the 6 week maternity leave I will learn Kaylee's little patterns and I will figure out what's best for me to work - 2 or 3 full days, or 5-1/2 days... whatever. Tom is still thinking on the me working from home thing. That won't come into play until we move away, though. Eventually the plan is for me & our girl to move down to Ironton with him, so we can be a family. If Tom is open to me digitizing from home using the MyPC program, it would be great to bring in any kind of extra $$ that way. Hopefully he'll go for it. Cross your fingers!

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Apr. 17, 2008 at 6:53 AM One thing I miss about being pregnant is feeling and seeing the little kicks and movements. What an exciting and special time this is for you! So go have fun washing and folding her itty bitty clothes and setting up her room!

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