Okay so as usual when I leave the pediatricians office I'm a little irritated. Today was Lain's weight check and turned out to be no different. I didn't want to go to the stupid weight check to begin with because I thought he was/is just fine. Between 6 and 9 months he only gained 9 ozs during which time he also became VERY active so I wasn't worried. Also he only had just started eating solids the week prior to his 9 month appt so the ped wasn't thrilled about that as well. Again, I wasn't worried because I nurse him and believe babies don't need solids for any nutritional value up to a year so there is nothing to worry about. WHY ISN'T MY PEDIATRITIAN ON BOARD WITH THIS! Seriously, she is all freaked about it hence the weight check scheduled for today. On my way there I was very optimistic because he has been eating a lot more than what he was a month ago. I mean we aren't eating 3 solid meals a day or anything but he is doing great! So he was 17lbs 9oz at his 9 month appt and today he is 18lbs 7oz, he almost gained a whole pound in one month! I thought that was GREAT! Evidently not because she is still "concerned" to the point that she wants me to work on weaning him - WTH?! Am I the only person that thinks my pediatrician is on crack?! She goes on to "advise" me to put cereal in his bottle but to make sure I get the nipples that say they are for cereal...Again, seriously, they really make nipples that are made to be used for cereal in a bottle? And why the H would I want to put cereal in a bottle for him?! Isn't that going backwards at this point. I don't see ANY nutritional value in cereal except for the calories and does a baby really need empty calories? I'm so irritated. During the day he is getting lots of FRESH fruits and veggies. I usually try and give him a handful of Cheerios in the morning with either some fruit or a yogurt (the yobaby with cereal and fruit in it). We aren't really doing much for lunch on a consistent basis yet but I do try and give him some pieces of what I'm eating or more cherrios or the Puffs or some crackers. Just something to get him use to eating. And for dinner he usually has so veggies (peas, carrots or his fav lately avocado!) and some fruit (banana, plum, pear, peaches, blueberries) I've tried cottage cheese and he kind of likes it. And also some chicken and turkey here and there. To me this is much more healthy for him than sucking freakin' cereal out of a damn bottle! Am I alone here? I'm so not putting cereal in a bottle. I don't want to have to give him a bottle, I mean he has gotten the occasional bottle here and there but not that many at all. I would prefer him to go from nursing to a sippie cup. He already drinks out of one. I'm sure he isn't getting a lot but I give him one with water every time I put him in the high chair. Mostly just so he can get use to holding it so when he is ready he will know how to use it. I don't know, I'm just frustrated that her advise to me is to stop nursing and put cereal in a bottle. She told me that I'm probably not producing enough milk to sustain his appetite. Really, does she know how the body works? Know, my son is not tiny. He has rolls even. He is my little peanut but he is not a "skinny" baby so again WTH?!

 Okay, I'm done. I'll stop now. Oh, but one more thing she of course wants to see him back again in a month to check his weight again?????

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Apr. 17, 2008 at 8:43 PM girlfriend, it is time to look for a new pedi....  a pedi that encourages and supports breastfeeding.   a pedi that is not on "crack" (btw, that was hillarious) i think he is doing fine with all he is eating, then again, i'm no doctor, but all babies grow at different pace and eat when they are read y and wean when they are ready.. I agree with you 100% absolutely no bottles  at this point... and cereal??, sure!! in a bowl,,,  good luck with a new doc!!!

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