My inlaws might just get to see the bad side of my husband and I very soon.  Normally, I keep my mouth shut about things to them, because well--they don't listen to anything I say.   If you read a previous post, its about my mother in law and a stupid photo album.  She was so gung-ho and overly excited about me having a girl because she had 3 boys and always wanted a girl. Ok, no biggie, she has the right to be excited.  

My older brother in law (will be 33 the end of May) can't get his s*** together and keeps landing himself in jail.  Mommy and daddy continue to bail him out, help pay his fines/lawyers; my father in law is even now carting him around because he got his licsence revoked.  But they are broke. 

My younger brother in law  (27) lives with my inlaws.  He's moved out, moved home, moved get the pictures.  He pays them $100 a month to help buy groceries, not rent, no bills, nadda.  Remember--they are broke.

We've asked them for money on 2 occasions, #1. money to help buy food for our wedding #2. small amount of money to help us get through a week until we got paid...we paid it back within a week.(I should of kept it).  

Step back a bit---about how excited they were about Sydney's arrival---they've seen her 4 times since she was born and she's 3 months old.  No, they don't live far, only about 40 minutes away.  My mom lives about 1 hour and 15 minutes and is here at least twice a month to see the kids.   They NEVER call us and ask for us to bring the kids out or to come here to see them. We ALWAYS do the calling and say hey "you busy today, thought we'd bring the kids out". After today NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can take it upon themselves to call and come here to visit. I'm done.   Why you ask??   My inlaws repetively tell us they are broke, but every time we turn around they are telling us about something new they bought.  Today for instance they called asking for my husband's help on hooking up a NEW tv....a 42' flat screen.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING    ME???!!!! A $1000 TV.........and here we thought they were broke.  Now, your probably saying "so what, its there money".  Your right it is there money, but why are we pissed off??   They have bought nothing, nothing for their grandaughter that they were so excited about......absolutely NOTHING.   Yet, they can shuck out thousands to bail/keep one son out of jail, let one live with them scott free (his measly $100)....and continually buy new things.  

I've expressed to my husband many times how much it pissed me off, that they can't step up (but yet they try to act like the best grandparents).  Today drew the line for him.  He is going to have a talk withthem and see whats up.  I don't care if they spend a stinkin' $5 on something for her, they just need to acknowledge her and her brother a bit better.   ARRGGHHHH!!!

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Apr. 19, 2008 at 11:28 PM I'm sorry you have gone through that, it really sucks. I'm in the same boat with my mother.  she is the same way.  I don't get it.  Good Luck.

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Apr. 19, 2008 at 11:32 PM WOW! i know exactly what you mean, i have  the same problems with my inlaws. it all started with my inlaws about 2 weeks before we got married and it has been going ever since and it is worse now that we have a son!

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Apr. 19, 2008 at 11:36 PM

Wow! Kinda sounds like my in laws. A few days after I had my daughter, my mother in law was all upset becuase she said we weren't going to let her see my daughter. Which was absolutely ridiculous. Then she turns around and barely makes any effort to see her. Then the second time she agrees to watch my dd for the night, low n behold she doesn't answer her door or her phone. Turns out she was "sleeping".   Then at one point we rent a house literally right next door to them and she still didn't make much of an effort to see either of my kids. And they have the same issue with money too. My sister in law is "special". And she still lives with them along with her SO and 3 going to be 4 kids.

So your not the only one with in law issues!


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Apr. 20, 2008 at 11:17 PM

Oh I understand completely! My in-laws spend $ on my kids just not fairly. Example: They spent over $90.00 on our son for Christmas & then spent $20.00 on our daughter! Keep in mind that There son (my hubby) is the biologically father to both of our children!

The sad part is that Libby noticed! She cried because she opened her tiny box & Gabriel got to open box after box of big items! 

In-laws SUCK!!! 

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