We had to pull teeth in order to get Charlie to be home for this Childbirth/Epidural class today. Because he works (and lives) out of town, 2 hrs away, doing 6 days a week and 12 plus hrs a day, it was really hard finding a time for him to be able to go to class with me. (Which they require the daddy to be there... I don't know what they do with single moms...) When I set the class up for a "crash course" all day event on Sunday (today), it was going to be fine, because he worked days at the time and the plan was he was going to come home after work on Saturday, get a good night's sleep, and we would attend the class from 8 to 4 on Sunday. Then they suddenly switched him to night shift. This threw a wrench in things, because that meant he was now scheduled to work from 4:30pm Saturday night until 5am Sunday morning, and that would mean even if he drove straight home after work, we would barely make the class on time at 8am Sunday morning, then he would have to drag through an 8 hour class after NO sleep. IT simply wasn't going to work. He tried to get off work for Saturday night, but they wouldn't get back to him. He's the main crane operator on his job, and if he doesn't work, the enitre crew doesn't work, because nobody can do anything without him. Finally he just told his boss, "Look, this is important - I will not be coming in Saturday night." They didn't have a choice. I didn't want him to get in trouble at work, because we need this job badly, but this class is also pretty friggin' important.
     Well, after all that, Charlie comes home yesterday not feeling well. I thought it was allergies mixed in with a little cold - his sinuses are all clogged up & he's got a bit of a cough, but it wasn't anything major. Today he got up and he felt OK - he said he had some dizzy spells but he thought he was OK. Well, one hour into our 8 hour class, we took a break. Charlie told me he had to go lay down in the car for a while - he felt like he was going to pass out. :( I went in and asked the teacher if the next section of the class required the daddy to be there - my husband wasn't feeling well at all. She was very sympathetic and said we could reschedule without being recharged - even if we had to come to her home. (She does classes out of her house too). I was very thankful for this, but bummed because I don't know if Charlie will be able to get another day for the same class. Also, we still have to do the Infant Care class May 4th. I don't want his bosses to be discouraged by his absence and bump him off the job for a crane operator that can be there when he can't.
     He hasn't been this sick in YEARS.... he's now sleeping on the couch - I hope he sleeps well & his body is repairing itself. I know he wanted to be at this class more than anything - he must've been really sick to have to bail at the last minute. I feel really bad for him.

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